This Season

Upstage is excited to announce the FIRST show of our FIRST season!

Please note that this show contains mature content and language. Viewer discretion advised.

Starring local talent:
Katurian- Andy Walerak
Michal- Brian Bedard
Tupolski- Alex Michael Beerling
Ariel- Olivia Cedotal

Auditions scheduled November 4 & 5, 2019 at 7pm.

Jay Gatsby- a romantic idealist with a disarming smile
Daisy Buchanan- Southern, with a voice that sounds like money
Nick Carraway- Midwestern, with a kind face and gentle manner
Tom Buchanan-Daisy’s husband, with a powerful cruel body
Jordan Baker- Daisy’s friend, with an athletic, almost masculine, body
Myrtle Wilson- Tom’s girlfriend, New York, fleshy and sensual
George Wilson- Myrtle’s husband, New York, spiritless and anemic
Meyer Wolfsheim
Mr McKee
Mrs. McKee
Mrs. Michaelis

Some characters may be double cast.

The Couch
By Lynne Kaufman
Performance Dates: Thursday- Sunday, July 18-28, 2019

“The play takes place at Carl Jung’s home on a lake in Switzerland. It is Sunday afternoon, and Sigmund Freud, joining his protégé for lunch, finds him in conflict with his long-suffering wife, Emma, because of Jung’s infatuation with a lovely young patient/pupil, Toni Laufer. Repressed in his own sexual feelings, Freud disapproves of Jung’s dalliance, but their dispute only hints at the larger differences that will shortly divide them—as Jung has finally decided to split with his mentor and develop his own (and to Freud, radical) theories of the subconscious. Mingling lighthearted domestic scenes, with moments of challenging intellectual exchange, the play eventually resolves the problems it has raised with novel inventiveness and good humor as Emma agrees to limit herself to running the household and tending the children (thereby gaining time to pursue her own career); Toni accepts a position as Jung’s assistant (and mistress); and Freud departs, secure in the conviction that Jung’s new direction of thought in no way diminishes the magnitude of his own accomplishments.”