So, it’s been a while since we updated everyone on our happenings! So many amazing things have happened over the last few weeks that I wasn’t able to keep up!

First, THANK YOU to everyone that donated and came to our first silent auction fundraiser! Unfortunately, we didn’t get quite the turnout we had hoped as there was a very misleading sign in front of our building. So, just to clarify, NO, we are not closed and our building is not up for lease. There was some miscommunication of addresses within another company, and they refused to take the sign down for over 2 weeks. Ugh! Now that that is taken care of….

Secondly, we announced our First Season! There will be a little something for everyone to see or participate in! First up is The Pillowman, a disturbingly dark comedy of interrogation and torture written by Martin McDonagh. We will be performing Friday and Saturday evenings October 18-November 2, with a special Halloween night performance! Don’t miss out on this amazing script presented by an equally amazing cast and crew.

Following that, let’s kick off 2020 with The Great Gatsby based on the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald. This classic love story with all the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s will be held January 10-26. Auditions will be held November 4 & 5. More information to come!

Also, don’t miss out on our Gatsby-themed New Year’s Eve Party at the theatre! December 31 at 7pm to 1am January 1, 2020!

Our spring show will be the Holmes-esque mystery Cat’s Cradle. We will be showing March 20-April 2! Stay tuned for more details!

Just in time for the beginning of summer 2020, we have the classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, based on the story by Mark Twain.

Rounding out our first season, we have the musical comedy Ug, The Caveman Musical. This family-fun show delves into the very beginnings of performing arts as Ug and his family figure out how to tell better stories with movement. Show dates for this one are July 24-August 9.

Children’s workshop programming is being updated–stay tuned!

As you can see, sooo many good things going on! I can’t wait to share more with you!

We’ll see you at the theatre!

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